greg's Story

April 2015 will always be an experience that I will continue to look back on with wonder, excitement, perspective and awe. To be able to sit with my family and friends and tell them in every detail of the amazing adventure I had and the great people I was able to experience the trek with will always be a sense of pride for me.

In April 2015 I was lucky enough to be able to complete the Kokoda track with a group of serving and ex-serving Defence Force members along with a group of passionate supporting people.

The trek was hard but to be able reach the Isurava memorial for the 100th ANZAC dawn service was more than enough reward for a tough walk.

In amongst the group trekking away was my girlfriend, we have been together for nearly six years and the constant question of when are you going to marry me continued to arise over the past few years so I figured why not make the proposal a little different, I walked her through the jungle for 9 days and then in front of a multitude of new friends at the Isurava memorial I popped the big question. Lucky enough for me the answer was yes.

I couldn’t believe the emotion that came out of the group, I felt that our private moment of our proposal was still our private moment but was shared by our new extended family, and that is something that I would never change.

Before I left to walk the track I was told by Alan ‘Kanga’ Moore that once you have walked the track it will change you forever, well I’m here to say it does. How it changed me, well that’s personal, but it has.

I would like to thank everyone on the trek for helping with the proposal and helping make my experience so amazing David Howell you and the green masin put together a great experience, your military knowledge of the area really put into perspective the tactics and manoeuvring that had to be done due to the harsh terrain.

David your non military stories around the fires at night still have me laughing, well done mate.

David Howell and the Green Masin well done, amazing job.

APR 2015