Kristy's Story

I trekked Kokoda with Mick O’Malley at Australian Kokoda Tours between 16th April until 26th 2015 for the ANZAC 100th year anniversary. I can honestly say it was the best experience of my life. Mick was so full of information about the war and I learnt so much about the history of it. Mick is also so encouraging, as was the whole group.

Some days were not only physically, but mentally challenging. I know it doesn’t even begin to compare to what our Diggers went through and with that I was always reminded of how courageous, amazing and inspirational blokes in 1942 managed to do what they did and with that in my head I knew I could do it.

With the day that I wasn’t feeling well, Mick as well as the porters were their to help me and took my bag for me and carried it for the day. It wasn’t a problem at all, even though they had their own bags to carry.

All the porters are so lovely and down right the nicest people I have ever met. I don’t know what I would have done if I didn’t have them around to help me up the hills and to catch me before I fell. The food as absolutely amazing too. A big thumbs up to the chef.

The last hill up to Owens Corner we all waited for everyone to catch up and with that together we walked hand in hand through the arches. That was the most proudest moment for me, knowing that i made it. That we did it.

The Kokoda Trek was a life changing experience for me with memories I will have forever and I couldn’t of asked to do it with a better group of people.

APR 2015