's Story

100% Kokoda is a new and exciting company that specialises in getting you into the psychology of the soldier. Founded by Cam James, an Army Officer who has spent 18 years serving in both the Engineering and Infantry Corps, Cam prides his treks on the emotional side of warfare. 100% Kokoda does more than just walk the track, they hit the mark and provide military history at a level that all will satisfy all. They are aware that some of you only seek the experience of walking Kokoda, whilst others want a military history tour. With 100% you are never bored or underwhelmed with the information presented; more to the point, 100% Kokoda injects you into the community of the PNG people. You will be actively involved with our team of Porters, singing with them and spending time as a member of a traditional PNG family. We look forward to meeting you and helping you get 100% satisfaction from your trekking experience.