Allison's Story

My two adolescents (17 & 15) and I would have to be the most unprepared family to trek Kokoda. When we agreed to this family adventure we really did not know what we had agreed to, but it sounded like “fun” so we said yes.

Thank you Cam, and the team at 100% Kokoda you supported us 100% of the way. Your support started before we left Australia with detailed information on how to prepare physically, what gear we needed, your training camp gave us the opportunity to meet other trekkers and to hear from past trekkers, you suggested snacks, and most importantly were clear about what needed to be in our medicine kit. You kept us safe in Port Moresby and at no time along the track did we ever feel unsafe. 100% Kokoda makes sure all the little details are taken care of from being picked up at the airport to where to scrub your hiking boots before returning to Australia.

And then there is the team of porters who helped us up and down the track, I know without my porters guidance and ability to grab my day pack I would have a much sorer butt!! But the porters also helped us pitch and pull down our tents, they fed us, carried our food, made fires to dry our boots and sang to us – simply amazing.

What sets 100% Kokoda apart from other companies is Cam, it’s his unflappable personality that made the trek real, “see Kokoda through the eyes of a soldier” and that we did, his passion and knowledge were evident every day, but most importantly his ability to bring alive the memories of the men and women who fought and served for Australia along the track. He spoke passionately about the relationship between the Australian soldiers and the “fuzzy wuzzy” angels, he showed us important places and explained the history. Thank you 100% Kokoda , I have been privileged to do the trek with my children and your team. Lest we forget.

APR 2018